10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


1) Sweet Deck of Cards (1 of 10)

 Sweet Deck of Cards

1) Sweet Deck of Cards (1 of 10)


Can’t decide what you love most about your significant other? You don’t have to when you give someone special this sweet deck of cards for Valentine’s Day. Write 52 things you love about your sweetheart, or fill each card with a special memory or inside joke the two of you share.

Supplies are minimal for this DIY Valentine’s Day gift, and you can buy most of them at the dollar store or a similar budget-friendly retailer.

Here’s what you need to make this thoughtful gift:

  • Deck of cards, any style or design
  • Yarn, thick thread, plastic lanyard string, or ribbon
  • Hole puncher
  • Marker or pen
  • Photographs or small mementos, if desired

Using the hole puncher, punch two holes in each card. Consider using a ruler to ensure that your holes line up evenly.

Decorate each card. Draw or glue cute pictures that represent your relationship, or write a special memory or quality about your partner.

Thread ribbon through the holes, connecting all 52 cards in the form of a mini book.

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