Top 8 Tech Innovations Of Our Time


1) 3-D Printing For Constructing Buildings (1 of 8)

3-D Printing For Constructing Buildings

1) 3-D Printing For Constructing Buildings (1 of 8)


Imagine ordering your house to be completed within the next week because you want to give it as a great surprise for your next anniversary!

Is it possible?


Is it only theoretic?

Not at all!

WinSun New Materials, a Chinese construction firm has already developed and deployed 3D printing technology to produce 10 3D printed CONCRETE buildings within 24 hours.

They used a giant 3D printer measuring at 10 meters x 6.6 meters that used construction materials such as glass fiber, and cement, among others to build houses.

Other companies are already set to create more amazing things using industrial level 3D printers. As the technology matures and becomes mainstream, the prices are likely to drop.

So you can start thinking of that sassy house you had imagined, because with 3D printing, virtually any shape can be created!