Gradual Evolution of The Starbucks Holiday Cup


1) 2005 (1 of 12)

Starbucks Holiday Cup 2005

1) 2005 (1 of 12)


In 2005 the controversial Starbucks Holiday cup had a nod to the Holiday season with a string of clear white holiday lights and decorating the trim of the coffee cup and a cute little holiday saying ‘it only happens once a year’ beneath its iconic green logo.

As seen in the pictures above, Starbucks portrayed 3 things in the 2005 Holiday Christmas Season:

1) A couple dancing under a mistletoe.

2) A Father putting up Christmas lights while his son helps him.

3) Two Children pointing and reaching for a Christmas stocking that is hanging from the lights.

What is all the controversy about in 2015, well, people say that Starbucks is waging a war on Christmas with it’s plain red cup.  Starbucks response was simple, “it’s just a cup.”

Starbucks says the purpose of the new simple red cup design was to allow customers to put their own designs on the cup.  However, People are lashing out claiming that Starbucks “hates jesus” while others are saying that it’s unfair that previous cups only show Christmas, not Hanukkah.

People: It really is just a cup.  Calm Down..

While the feud continues, lets take a look at the past 10 years of this controversial cup to see how it evolved into what it is today.