8 Worst Auto Accidents In History


1) Snapchat Driver (1 of 8)

Snapchat Driver

1) Snapchat Driver (1 of 8)

Last count there were over 32,000 fatal car crashes in the United States in 2015. Texas, California and Florida led the pack with 2,000 to over 3,500 between those three alone. Make sure you have decent auto insurance, it’s not worth the risk of getting caught without it. Of course these are caused by a variety of things including the obvious – alcohol. Other contributors included collisions with animals and larger vehicles like semi-trucks. This isn’t just something we deal with here in the US, it’s something that contributes to constant deaths around the world. While there are a number of crashes each day around the globe, we took a look back through history and found what could be considered the world’s worst car crashes ever.  Read on to see 8 of the Worst Auto Accidents in History.

People have always been weary of young drivers. This notion came into play long before cellphones were even a thing, but really – things have gotten a whole lot worse now that phones have become so much better. With all those apps to distract, it’s just a matter of time before crashes involving Facebook and Instagram are the norm. They however are not the culprit here, Snapchat is. In the summer of 2016 19-year-old Addil Haroon was bragging about going over 140 mph on the instantaneous app when he smashed his car into that of 25-year-old Joseph Brown-Lartey, killing him instantly and splitting his car in two.

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